Presupposed Random Coincidences

Anything that happens is caused by an agent.

Dusky Canada Geese (Branta canadensis occidentalis) at a Wildlife Refuge, OR

As an artist, any color variation aside from the fixed primary colors (which happened to have been made by the manufacturer obviously) has to be deliberately mixed into the palette. Squeezing a tube of blue and red separately will not produce the color purple by happenstance even if I were to sit and wait for a million years which would clearly make me long dead before witnessing my presupposition come to pass. I suppose presupposing is good if it makes one appear as if they’re thinking something that actually makes sense. People can fool the simple by tossing in high-sounding nonsense which will always be what it plainly is, glorified nonsense.

When everything is equally a focal point, you get lost in a disarray of pink
The White variation is just as beautiful though it grows in a more structured cluster compared to the Pink variation
Even the weeds grow to have intricate details and serve as a habitat for a no-see-em spider as evidenced by the web

The agent, whom the trendy intellectuals who consider themselves as the masters of their own destiny, who constantly make choices asserting the absence of free will they claim to be non-existent because of a “lack of evidence” is none other than God. According to the smart ones, people who believe in God are half wits and deeply indoctrinated. Frankly, such allusions don’t bother me one bit since the Creator of ALL things lays it out in His Word that acknowledging His existence is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 9:10). I happen to do that and therefore, the truth from the One who has infinite knowledge supersedes the opinions of those who are merely finite.

My short family outing served as a reminder that no matter how smart some people make themselves appear to be, I can’t find myself denying all the evidence that surround me.

7 thoughts on “Presupposed Random Coincidences

    1. The evidence has to be something that overwhelmingly appeals in an emotional way. As objective as they want to appear, when they get so riled up about a “non-existent” being, you can clearly see the objective claim is nothing but a front.

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    1. Indeed Maria. God’s wondrous works serve as a reminder to us all, His awesomeness reflected in His creation. Definitely brighter days here now Praise the Lord :). Still chilly but loving it compared to the 91 degree weather in FL even during Spring time.

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