NIV Faithlife Study Bible Review

What caught my attention upon opening the NIV Faithlife Study Bible was a brief article/insight touching on a common concern and if not, one of life’s most important questions that go through a person’s mind about why God allows suffering in the life of a believer.

Filled with insights and helpful information that can steer a new believer or the seasoned believer alike into a deeper understanding of God’s Word, it is complete with maps, beautiful and colorful illustrations, various historical timelines, diagrams and family tree and genealogies of key characters in each book that gives the reader an in-depth look of the text which more than satisfies and keeps the curious mind engaged.

The chapter numbers are in an emboldened blue. The commentaries and notes are written on a light gray background in fine but very readable text size on some key verses which is separated by a thin green horizontal divider below the biblical text. Reminiscent of most study bibles, it has encyclopedia-like information and bible dictionary conveniently embedded in some of its pages, with some Hebrew & Greek terms and its explanations scattered throughout.

The book titles are written against a gray colored background and bears an introduction, background, outline and specific themes to be expected within the text. Insights/articles from various authors and contributors- 30 in total, are color coded in gray and gold and the bible has about an eight of an inch thickness in concordance from its total of 2-inch thickness in pages, not including the cover.

It is sewn and bound for durability sure to withstand daily use. The hardcover is in slate blue/slightly teal which includes a dust jacket in similar colors. It does not have a ribbon bookmark. This would make a great gift for anyone and is truly an invaluable tool to a serious student of the Word of God. If you love the NIV and looking to get a study bible, this would make a great addition.

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