Finding God’s Blessings In Brokenness

Are you tired, weary and broken? Finding God’s Blessings In Brokenness by Charles F. Stanley details why each and every person goes through a period of brokenness, a painful time in our lives that can draw us closer to God granted we humbly submit and cooperate in the inevitable but necessary process that God uses in the life of a believer (and to the truth seeker alike) to develop and bring about maturity in our walk of faith. We in turn get blessed as we learn to accept God’s work of purifying us, with the abundant life of being renewed and transformed to the likeness of Christ, the author and perfecter of our faith, through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

“God’s purpose is not to break our spirits, but rather – and for our good– to break the stubbornness of our wills.” – Charles F. Stanley

Our brokenness brings about the cathartic release of the things, attitudes, and selfish mindsets that prevent us from acknowledging our utter need for God.


The book is a quick read yet spiritually enriching, comprised of 10 short chapters of soothing ointment for a weary soul looking for answers. It is well written with authority and directness with a purely Biblical approach, yet gentle and easy to digest. It is complete with beautiful photography and awe-inspiring images taken by the author/pastor himself which I find to be quite therapeutic and reinforces my appreciation of the awesomeness of God, His abounding love and His creation.


It is presented in a compact (approximately 5×7 inches), sewn hardcover format which would make a spiritually impactful and thoughtful gift to a friend or a loved one whom you know needs some words of hope and encouragement in getting through their trying and most desperate circumstances. Charles Stanley happens to be one of my favorite authors and God has used this man’s writing to speak to me, aside from the Bible especially during the early stages of my Christian walk. If you happen to be looking for a great book to curl up with, look no further and be truly blessed.

Note: This book is slated for release on February 21 @ Amazon.

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