Stardate 02.08


It appears the skies continue to weep for the fifth consecutive day now. Aside from the natural order of evaporation and precipitation, it weeps for the tumultuous social and spiritual climate of this country, one clearly entrenched in division, of bitter calumny and the refusal to work together and move forward.

Sigh. This weather does nothing to ameliorate things. It only exacerbates the toehold of depression that wants to creep in and choke my productivity. But I suppose it’s in my power to turn this day around to pick up on projects I have been procrastinating on, like the bunny amigurumi that screams, “Finish me.” Well, it’s not actually the inanimate bunny that says that but my daughter who eagerly yearns for her company.

Is it nice and sunny where you are? It would be days like this that makes me dream of the possibility of teleportation but what am I complaining about? It’s cold and wet and yet, there’s people out there lining up at the shelter and here I am… Which brings me to the question, why are Americans more concerned in accommodating strangers from foreign lands than the ones who beg for kindness in our very own streets? Their rights as citizens far outweigh the alien, and yet, they are forgotten.  There were even laws in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (my former home state) banning people from feeding the homeless. What is wrong with this picture?

As I am writing this, I am reminded my weather related misery is quite laughable. There are always people in need, here, there and everywhere and people need to recognize that wrong priorities (especially pertaining to the refugees) only paints an ugly picture; that of hypocrisy.

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  1. That’s why I look forward for the day of salvation when Jesus rescues us from this wretched world of disease called sin which effects anything good. But I thank God for His Son Jesus Christ who has saved us from despair and hopelessness. There will always be the poor but one day the old will disappear and the new earth will be our new home, to spend our life with the Lord where evil and poverty exist no longer.

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