Dreaming Big Of Living Small

I can get quite claustrophobic but I can’t shake off a dream I share with my husband about living in a cute and cozy tiny abode. Is it doable for 2 adults with 2 kids? I personally don’t like the one with wheels but I am head over heels over this tiny house. I don’t know who owns this but should we get to the part where we plan ours, it would be nice to use this as a reference point for design concepts and maybe use a different color scheme.

I don’t watch too much television but the tiny house movement is definitely gaining momentum and I can totally understand why. What is not to love about living in a place you can call your home completely paid off, without being a slave to a mortgage and the freedom to be able to go on trips and by this, I mean when God prompts one to go somewhere for Divine appointments without worrying about bills?

While people are dreaming of big houses, we are catching on the wave of dreaming of living small. It’s quite ironic really. The place we just moved to actually bans tiny homes although Portland, not too far from here, is quite receptive to the idea… Maybe in the future, God willing.

It’s good to dream, isn’t it?

[Original article and pictures can be seen here]

8 thoughts on “Dreaming Big Of Living Small

    1. Considering one will not have space to hoard stuff, getting rid of things we can do without would have to be inevitable but in the long run, it is a good practice to try not to get too attached to things on earth we can’t take when God calls us home.

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    1. Nice to meet you Roy and thank you for sharing. My husband is a first-time renter (we just recently moved from FL to OR) while I grew up in an apartment in NY. We are pretty much restricted when it comes to parking space, pets and a host of other things but we are thankful we got the apartment on the very same day we applied for it. My family was one that was greatly affected by the housing market crash of 2008 and we found ourselves living in a house with an underwater mortgage and all his down payment completely wiped out. Terrible times that was indeed but God kept us afloat. Dreaming of living off the grid is a great undertaking. It requires us to give up things and comforts we are so accustomed to and while it seems out of reach for us as of this moment, everything has its appointed time.

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    2. Sorry to hear about your family being affected by the housing crash. I lost my home back in 2012 soon after I got out of the military. I downsized to an apartment, and fell in love with not have the crashing burden of a montage. I’m glad your faith in God was able to keep you going.

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    3. I agree about the burden of a mortgage and add to that hoa fees. Although I have been spared from my husband’s headache, it trickled down in stress. Apartment living is a good thing. Not to sound pessimistic here but it is only one step away from suddenly being homeless should joblessness strike. With a mortgage at least, it gives you months and months before a foreclosure procedure and still stay in the house. I remember writing the letter to the mortgage company too. By the grace of God, we got approved for a modification which was in essence agreeing to live in a house we will never truly pay off considering it scratched off everything he put in, over 20% down plus the payments we already made, gone. I truly am sorry to hear about you losing your home. I see people who have been adversely affected by the housing crash flock to the idea of tiny living which in reality is how things ought to be, only, we as a society have been greatly inculcated with the idea that the more stuff we have, the better we are. It is hard to get off that mindset until something as drastic as almost losing everything happens.

      Dreaming is good and I hope you achieve your dream for independence (off grid living) sooner than you’re aiming for. My family is putting our hope in the nearness of Christ’s return, and should He delay, then comes the tiny house 🙂


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