A Perilous Journey


My family arrived in our newly adopted home state 3 days ago but not without obstacles. We left FL on the 16th and got here on the 20th. We originally intended to bring both cars during our move but I decided to sell mine at the last minute, the day before we were supposed to leave and thankfully, it sold so we only had to haul one car. I prayed of course before I sold it and I’m glad I did because I can say I would have died of a heart attack from fear of the elements we had to endure just to get here.

Icy Roads
Icy Roads. Our trip got delayed because the highway leading to Oregon was closed.

We went through snow storms, slick icy roads, dense fog, a blizzard, wind gusts of 60+ miles per hour in slick steep mountain slopes. We saw about 4 cargo trucks toppled to the side and about 5 car accidents along the way. I can say God had mercy on me to change my mind about selling my car the day before because nothing could have prepared me for all that had I driven. Other than that, I really don’t drive well in rainy and foggy conditions and I am glad I didn’t have to. I was merely in the passenger seat but was super scared I had to cling to something as tight as I could whenever my husband had to go down the steep hills of Oregon as we passed through Bend towards our destination.

Utah, at a rest stop

Can you imagine having to drive over a 60-mile stretch on a real life roller coaster? I think snow-capped mountains are majestic but right now, I can honestly say I am sick of them especially when there’s a car being hauled in the back and passing through a lot of them is quite intimidating. I hated the fact that when you go up, up, up, you have to go down steep, slippery when wet slopes and it doesn’t help that one wrong maneuver could be the end of one’s life. Luckily, we got here safe and not in pieces, all praise and thanks to God.

Idaho, my favorite picture out of all
Oregon, Deer Crossing. Sucks the windshield took away from such a precious moment.

Another thing that left an impact on me on the earlier part of the trip was seeing the adult billboards at some state. It was saying it as it is, “Lion’s Den,” the temptation that beckons every couple of miles, saying, “Come hither” to a lonely trucker/traveler.

Bend, Oregon
Bend, Oregon

Did I enjoy the journey? I sure did. I especially liked going through Wyoming and Utah. I also enjoyed the breathtaking views in Oregon but was overcome by the slippery slopes. Maybe I would have appreciated it more if we moved during the Summer. Now, I am still working on putting things where they ought to be. Although I am almost done, Christmas is literally a couple of days away and the apartment still looks like a hoarder’s paradise (sort of). Wish me luck!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!


5 thoughts on “A Perilous Journey

    1. 🙂 Thank You Maria. It was an ordeal to get here and now my family has to work in blooming where God planted us. It is a far cry from the place we left which was mostly a retirement community which we love the low key vibe and quiet and now God placed us at the heart of a place that is truly busy and diverse.

      Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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