Encore Une Fois

I don’t intend to sicken you with my sentimentality about FL but I am sorta experiencing my inner Lot’s wife right now except for the turning into a pillar of salt part. I did just enjoy a couple of plates of sodium-saturated cuisine. I think I’m entitled to this once in a while as long as I don’t eat like this every day. Hopefully, my kidneys won’t turn into a pillar of salt.


Chicken Teriyaki Skewer, Haricot verts, Salmon, Shrimp/Pork combo meatballs (my favorite, no joke – I’m lucky Old Testament Dietary laws don’t apply now since Jesus fulfilled that and I am merely reaping the benefit,) Chicken Wingette, Broccoli and Shrimp.

This would have been a vegan’s nightmare plate, but I am a hardcore carnivore and I am not ashamed to admit it. My post’s title which translates, “one more time” signifies my last visit to my family’s favorite Chinese buffet here called “Golden Panda.”  I actually mistook the eatery’s name for Kungfu Panda on some occasion and my son corrected me.

I didn’t stuff myself though and I should have because I don’t know if I would ever find a place that serves something as tasty as their stuff. Most people probably think all Chinese Food tastes the same but I beg to differ. We ordered at some other Chinese Take-out place to try their stuff and the rice was too hard and their Chicken wing was not as tasty. This is definitely one place my family would surely miss.


I ended my meal with a hodgepodge of 4 scoops (in different flavors) of Ice Cream and a couple of Macaroons. The sad thing was, I expected a parting fortune from the cookie but when I opened mine, it had none! Oh well.

Instead of going straight home after dinner, I requested to drive encore une fois somewhere that embodies this place. When I first moved here, I was missing New York so much but I have come to appreciate the peace and quiet and the rural vibe after 10 years.


It is sad to leave it at a time when the place is actually booming with new roads, businesses and dwellings being built and not be able to see it. It seems my time in different places are broken down in decade increments and then after that, I’d have to move. I wonder if I would spend a decade in the Pacific Northwest. Only time will tell.


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