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This is an update for my previous post about a metallic purple scarf/neck warmer I was working on. I had it sitting around for a day without binding it off and earlier today I finally decided to just get on with it so Voilà. I did a 1 x 1 rib knit stitch and casted on 90 stitches. It took much longer than I expected since I forgot this was a medium weight yarn and not bulky.


This particular yarn was a bit of a challenge to work with. It is practically made of loose wool fibers encased in a metallic mesh and my only tip in working with something as delicate as this is to have short filed nails without any hardened dead skin pulling away on the side of your nails as that would actually pull on the yarn. I almost messed mine up that way.


I opted to use larger knitting needles (Boye 10.5 aluminum) than what was recommended since I wanted to achieve a loose knit. It has uneven looking stitches because of the wool filling. The wool fibers weren’t corded so some parts were thinner and some parts had more filling to it which I actually don’t mind because it reminds me of the unevenness of bouclé. I finished it just in time for the bit of cold front that is hitting FL right now.


I made a thin neck warmer that just drapes and doesn’t loop simply because I wanted this to be appropriate also for milder weather. I only used about 1 1/4 skeins. Best of all, it only cost me $2.14.

My daughter has been nagging me to finish this so I could crochet her ballerina Amigurumi another tutu. That ought to be a quick one.

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