Hugs & Kisses For Everyone: A Sweet Diversion


This is a much needed distraction from the usual bitter post election rantings that is flooding the blogosphere.

Happy Veteran’s Day and thanks to all those who have fought hard to guarantee that our freedoms and liberty remain.

Though new legislation and presidential elections come and go, at the heart of the matter, it is called from each and every American to respect the will of the people. This country is meant to have a place for everyone and we should all remember that we are neither black, white, Jew or Gentile in Christ (Galatians 3:28).

I am appealing most especially to those who call themselves Christians and voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton. If you read the Bible, there are two possible outcomes; you are either changed by the message, or you end up changing the message to suit your own/the world’s agenda. You choose.

Do you choose the world or God? You cannot have both.

Now to the recipes… I can’t believe I got this book at such a bargain at Ollie’s.


I hope Hershey’s won’t mind me sharing their recipes here. I can’t wait to try them especially for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day. Maybe you can beat me to it and tell me how yours turned out.

This is the recipe for the main picture



Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

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