Knitting: More Peaceful Than Politics


Sick of all the nasty political TV ads? I sure am. I only watch TV for 30 minutes a day. I think I’m one of the lucky ones though not lucky enough since 1/3 of those 30 minutes is dedicated to a monotonous narrative of a victim used to catapult and bolster corruption in the polls. Ughhh. I cringe every single time. I have done my part and I don’t feel bad voting Republican. God knows that I don’t share every dirty thought and word that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth, nor condone his past misdeeds which he is answerable to the parties offended and his family and most especially to God.  If God could forgive a wretched human being such as myself, He sure can do the same for that man. That’s how awesome and good our God is.

Aren’t you looking forward to when this whole presidential conundrum is over? I actually miss the mellow disinformation dubbed as news on the lame stream media compared to what’s out right now. Blechhh.

Now, knitting… This would be an awesome distraction. I could play blind to current events but that would be too hard for me. I’m just weird I guess. Perhaps another scarf or a taupe pompom beanie? Maybe an oxblood colored Russian-looking fur head warmer?

Thanks for bearing with my casual foolishness.







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