My Strike On The Like


Is it possible to like two diametrically opposing concepts?
Though the other clearly conflicts with God’s precepts?
Is it possible to press like on a post filled with blasphemy?
yet press like on a post which blasts blasphemy?

Ulterior motive
Can be very destructive
Alas, this might be the incentive,
To lure the collective…

Such substance,
Only nothing but a nuance
Though it contradicts true deliverance
Can’t deny its resonance

Oh Confusion!
Can’t stop the illusion
Got a taste for delusion
Don’t mind the collusion

Is it really worth it?
Consistency to forfeit?
Unless, you didn’t bother to read it
But pressed “like” just for the sake of it

I personally know a peaceable but people-pleasing soul who happened to press like on some facebook post a few years back. I am proud to say I no longer have a facebook account for years now but I got reminded of this incident since wordpress also happens to have the “Like” button and actually saw the same thing, a professing Christian pressed like on an atheist’s post that is chock full of blasphemy. All I can say is… I am truly blown away.

As I confronted the person, the excuse for having to press like for what was something the person would actually denounce was, “I just pressed like without reading it.

For whatever reason, I never bothered to ask further but this person happens to be close to me.

If you don’t actually read and wholeheartedly agree with the content, don’t bother pressing like. Believe it or not, most people are perfectly okay without any like that’s attached to an ulterior motive. Not only do you expose what you’re really about, you’re putting your real stance on the line and you only confuse people.

If the purpose is to get more followers, remember, “Quality over Quantity”. I may just be a number to someone who does this kind of thing, but this “number” wants nothing to do with this kind of scheming.

I’m looking for a real kindred spirit and perfectly content at repelling the flakes.