To All Voters, Something To Think About

The video is only 13 minutes of your precious time but it’s something every voting American should see and take into consideration.

Knowing the validity of Donald Trump’s claim that Mrs. Clinton wants more than 500% spike in the acceptance of refugees in this country, I have been recently burdened for a few days now (if you have been following me) to look into the repercussions of such an agenda when she does get elected.

There are plenty of harrowing videos of Europeans and their reactions to the realization that they have suddenly become strangers in their own land with their women being raped and violated (Mrs. Clinton, do you really honestly care about women? Of course she won’t be around where they put these refugees but it will be a burden to the citizens like it is in Europe), laws put in place to accommodate the new inhabitants who have no intention at all of respecting the culture of their host country by assimilating but rather with every intent to replace it.

Ask yourself, is this paranoia? If it is, would it be paranoia to ignore evidence? Let it pose as a warning for us… Yet people easily buy the insignificant diversion questioning the moral fitness of the GOP nominee which is truly unacceptable and gag-worthy especially coming from someone who only appears to be moral but utterly lacking in consistency condoning her own husband’s indiscretions and despicable behaviors as president. Can’t y’all see the hypocrisy?

This refugee stuff is much more serious… But people are so distracted to see beyond what is happening; people just want to play blind and those who do see end up being labeled as Conspiracy theorists.

While we can’t expect a politician to save this country in its current state, there is definitely a lesser of two evils and it won’t help this country at all unless people make the deliberate decision not to ignore the facts.

Lord, Help Us All.