Proverbs 31: The Godly Jill Of All Trades


So… I know every woman aspires to be a whole lot of things and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as we give glory to the One who enables us to do all things.

As I revisit Proverbs 31, who exactly is she in our modern day? Would she look like Martha Stewart? Eeerp (Alert sound. I can make it out in my head). I don’t know exactly if Martha Stewart seeks the Lord in her own time (only she would know that) but I do know every worldly woman aspires to be her to a certain extent since it looks like she knows how to do EVERYTHING.

This is what I’m personally getting from Proverbs 31. Not exhaustive…

  • 1) She is an early bird… Hmm, I don’t fit this since I don’t wake up at 5 am.
  • 2) She’s not a nag… Luckily, my husband can attest to this if you know him so yay!
  • 3) She’s an entrepreneur… Ebay, Etsy anyone? I occasionally sell stuff but they’re not handmade by me.
  • 4) She’s a real estate mogul (think Barbara Corcoran)… Um, not me…
  • 5) She’s industrious… I definitely need a lot of work on this one.
  • 6) She sews and knits… Awesome!
  • 7) She’s hospitable and generous… We all need to work on every virtue. It’s an undeniable fruit of the Spirit and some are gifted way more than others.
  • 8) She’s fearless and full of faith… Another one we all could work on.
  • 9) She’s dignified… She is not insecure and doesn’t need to attract in ways that doesn’t fit her identity in Christ.
  • 10) She’s a sage… Haha Okay. She speaks with godly wisdom rather than pop culture.
  • 11) She does what needs to be done in her household…
  • 12) Her children loves her… It’s great to hear the children say “I love you Mommy” just out of the blue by their own volition and not because they want you to buy some toy for them.
  • 13) Her husband enjoys being home rather than finding an excuse to be out somewhere else without her.
  • 14) She is a Mary rather than a Martha… Doesn’t mean we neglect chores since if we don’t do them, they’ll always just pile up especially the dishes and the laundry.
  • 15) She is the real deal… What I mean by this is she’s not perfect but she is not afraid to own up to her mistakes and make things right with God when she does make mistakes and move on to do better.

There’s nothing in Proverbs 31 that says she ought to be a fashionista and a crafter extraordinaire but if you happen to love the Lord and are skilled at other things, that’s awesome! Remember, God gave us all our gifts so that we could use it not only for ourselves but to possibly enrich the lives of those whom we come across. As I assess myself, I’m nowhere close to being the Proverbs 31 woman and I think it will take my whole life to try to be, not by my own might but with the Holy Spirit’s help.

[Image Credit: Google-Pinterest-Thanks to the OP]

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