The Call To Homeschool

The Public School System has always been the purveyor of the godless agenda. It’s even worse now with afterschool Satanism in some states, schools banning the American flag, and not to mention what it is good at, indoctrinating a generation of relativists, those who claim that people can be moral apart from God’s statutes.

With mounting pressures of homeschooling and everything else, I wish there was some way I could bring myself back to a time where I didn’t have to worry about any of this. My son was enrolled in a brick and mortar school since Kindergarten all the way to 4th grade. He was a victim of bullying. He told me on multiple occasions where he told the school bus driver he was being mistreated but to no avail.

I went to the bus stop one day and saw 3 kids taunting him. One of them even pushed him to the ground and called him names. He didn’t get hurt thankfully, only a little scrape but when I witnessed that, it just broke my heart. Honestly, that kid called him something no kid that age should have called someone so young but apparently, what the kid hears at home is what’s going to be brought out wherever the kid goes. It’s sad really.

I also happen to see God’s sovereignty in the process. You see, when I had my son, I always intended to homeschool but I ended up enrolling him to a Public School instead until things got so bad for him somehow that I had no choice but to pull him out. Shortly after, word was getting out that some school districts integrated Islamic Conversion prayers and other Muslim related stuff into the course materials. I don’t think they even touch on that subject when it comes to Christianity since most secular schools make sure to disseminate the traumatizing things false Christian converts did in the name of God. I think schools are perfectly content in keeping it that way. They say keep Church and State separate but I suppose that only applies to Christianity apparently.

I’m NOT Islamophobic but since I’m Christian, people who claim to be Muslim and seculars who have no idea what the Qur’an says will label me that because I don’t respect their false ideology. How dare those people call us that anyway when they themselves easily put down the core of our beliefs by saying that Jesus was not God’s son, that he didn’t die on the cross and that there was no resurrection. They can nullify our beliefs and say whatever they want to say about us and we end up being the villain. How easily they turn things around.

Their prophet happened to be a pedophile, was racist (yes, Muhammad owned Black slaves and he was also described to be extremely white who called black people raisinheads in their holy text and call us infidels pigs… I mean seriously… they have the audacity to call us hateful. I encourage you for your own research, you can type in those keywords above and you will see Quranic verses pertaining to that. You need to see it for yourselves. Don’t make a mistake of asking a cleric because they will most surely tell you a sugarcoated version. They get away with stuff because they can easily call the Islamophobe and the Xenophobe card on you when in reality, they are employing their tactics to get the upper hand on westerners who have no clue. I suggest you check David Wood’s Apologetics channel on Youtube regarding this, very insightful and entertaining.

Oh if only I could be a kid again, someone who sees the good in everything, no anxiety and pressures, humble, unassuming. Most children are like that but with our generation, the kids happen to be exposed to corruption at such an early age not to mention the immoral garbage some school districts impose in the curriculum that is everything far from being at all academic and the whitewashing of the world’s most apparently violent religion to date. That is why God is calling all the Christian households who fear Him to stand up and counteract the massive movement by taking up the responsibility of educating your children. If you feel homeschooling is not for you, that’s totally valid but do not neglect the careful instruction of God’s lifegiving written word to your children.

I know, I’m all over the place with this entry but not without warning. I do have this tendency sometimes, but with everything I just mentioned, I’m just actually glad that I am past the homeschool evaluation stuff and onward to another year.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6