Love Equals Telling The Truth


What is love anyway? While we are given a host of definitions to this word, there is a definition that resounds more to each and every person. I will exclude Jesus’ death on the cross for all of humanity because that is the ultimate.

But for me personally, I exercise love in this way, disregarding the consequence of a possible onslaught simply because TRUTH is too strong to be denied. TRUTH is too strong to be tainted by human reasoning. TRUTH divides the wheat from the chaff.


I love the Truth… I live to love by not withholding truth…

While some may find my proclamation of truth to be unwelcome, the Spirit of Truth who lives in me cannot be denied. I find great comfort in what Jesus said to the 72 he appointed in Luke 10:16, “Whoever listens to you listens to me; whoever rejects you rejects me; but whoever rejects me rejects him who sent me.”

So as I examine myself, I ask, Is my proclamation of truth tainted with self-righteousness? Would it be logical if I proclaimed truth if it were to uphold an image knowing that everyone might be against me?

I think of Jesus. Was his proclamation of truth accepted by the self-righteous? We all know the answer to this… But to let truth penetrate, we must first have humility.

Such is truth. It liberates but it comes at a price.

My motivation is to steer people to the Truth, that to me is how I love whether I am accepted or not.