According To The World, I Am A…


If believing in the inerrant word of God makes me a fundamentalist, then that I am. The reality is being a fundamentalist isn’t all that bad. What’s sad is the media’s redefinition of the word that equates believers in Jesus Christ who want to live by God’s Word to the Islamic militants who go out of their way to make the rest of the world cower in fear with suicide bombings and genocide.

Okay, what about the middle ages when “Christianity” forced their faith on people? Well, let me ask the question… Does Christianity believe in free will? Of course! So then, how can those people who carried out atrocities in the name of Christianity be considered as legitimate Christians when they break the very commands of the One whom they profess to follow by coercing people to convert or die, which by the way is quite similar to what Islam does today. And why exactly is it ‘okay’ for Muslims who don’t abide by Muhammad’s teachings to distance themselves from being labeled as extremists and not okay for Christians to distance themselves from false converts who tarnish Christianity?

This all boils down to the devices the enemy uses. If it’s one of his machinations, of course he won’t attack it. Jesus Himself said,

“If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. 25 If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. 26 And if Satan opposes himself and is divided, he cannot stand; his end has come.”

Mark 3:24-26

The world, and I mean the unbelieving world, would rather side with Islam than they would Christianity. Of course not everyone does this but I’m talking about the people who are denigrating Christianity in the media and painting Islam to be the Religion of Peace. Both the world and Islam have the same commander in chief.

Then there are the proponents of the unification of all religions and all peoples. Whoever does not agree with this agenda will be singled out and that would be us, bible believing fundamentalists. Although we don’t go out there and blow people’s brains out and we want to teach our kids to love God, we will be persecuted and it is no longer just happening in the remote regions of the world. It is happening all over the country with the media intent to quash such notions and paint us as whiners simply because they are not the afflicted.

This post is to implore Christians not to cower to those who do not have the Spirit of Truth. Remember, if you deny Christ, He will deny you before the Father (Matthew 10:33).

Note: The last thing I expected was to highlight a quote from George Orwell, yet here I am. I have read the novel from where this quote was extracted over 20 years ago. I do not have the book in my possession and have tried to verify the exact page number of where this can be found. If you happen to have the book, please enlighten me with the exact page. Thanks.

10 thoughts on “According To The World, I Am A…

    1. Yeah. It’s a good thing if you follow a book that teaches to love your enemies and turn the other cheek. Whereas if it’s a book that incites the slaughter of disbelievers, definitely a huge difference there.


  1. One religion, under men, inconceivable. With oppression and injustices for all…heck even the Superman Vs batman movie touched out on this, they said “you remove god from the picture and man takes his place” think it was lex Luther lol

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    1. I know right? Truly inconceivable. The Pope is welcoming all kinds of religious leaders into the Vatican with the Ecumenical Movement, under the guise of unity and understanding while the Catholic’s Catechism anathematizes everyone who aren’t Catholic. How twisted is that? The most twisted part is he says it is dangerous to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ outside the mediation of the Catholic church…So, it sure is welcoming, everyone else that is except for the true believers.

      About your Superman vs. Batman quote, you can imagine a world where the so called godless ‘morality’ is the rule of law. It’s a deceptive thing. It appears to guarantee freedom for special interest groups but it oppresses the majority. Actually, we are living in the early stages and the bible says it will only get worse. Thanks for visiting.


    2. Well we can’t add any more fear or hatred…the negative emotion spectrum is high enough already and we need more light to fight the collective dark mindset


    3. In regards to hatred, Christians are viewed as spewing words of hate when we simply want to “inform” people who are oblivious to a passage regarding a specific topic. We expect to be given the chance to speak since our constitution allows us that right. Now do we expect everyone to agree? Of course not. We present it and the person makes the choice.

      Nowadays, Christians are slapped with lawsuits because they don’t condone practices which violate their own convictions. Does that equate hatred on the Christian’s part towards LGBT (for instance)? Not at all. Christians DO NOT “hate” the LGBT community. It is the Christians’ love for them that spurs to tell people of the inconvenient truth of the eternal consequence of rejecting God, the same way Jesus warned people repeatedly about hell because He doesn’t want anyone to go there period. That place wasn’t made for people in the first place, but the fallen angels yet people end up there when they make the choice to reject God because when they do that, they mirror the rebellion of the fallen angels.

      Lastly, Luke 1:35 admonishes believers, “Be careful, then, that the light within you is not darkness.”

      We can’t fight darkness when the light within us does not come from the original source of pure light and the dark forces definitely has the ability to counterfeit light.

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    4. Do what you can for those who cross your path I guess, try to stay out of media because a lot of it is just topics for people to argue about… “water cooler controversy” the race, religion and sex wars especially. I am trying to do things other than add to the problem, quoting the bible and referencing words doesn’t change anyone’s mind so time for Christians to take more action.


    5. Real change can only take effect when proclamation of truth is not stifled. Truth changes everything. Change is contingent on the person whether or not they let truth do what it’s supposed to do.

      Also, we need to remember we can’t please all people. Sometimes, what we think is our best course of action will never be enough for some.

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