Yet Another Dream… The Cute Little Bird


So I dreamt last night. I awoke at the sound of heavy rain and the loud wind howling due to the storm. Now to the dream… I went inside the house with a cute little bird in my hand. As to how and where I got it, I don’t remember but I ended up by the kitchen counter as I was showing it to my husband. I got the impression that somehow, the bird was maimed. As to exactly how, I don’t remember but only the fact that it was sooo cute. It was a really small bird, beige in color and about a couple of inches wide. I remember it having a beige beak which was so tiny. It pecked my hand but it didn’t hurt. Apparently, its beak was so small to even affect me but I did see the slight redness where it pecked me. It was hungry so I went to go grab a cracker and it fed on it.

The bird was on the kitchen counter. It didn’t try to fly away and even if it did, I knew it couldn’t fly too far since it was inside the house and the door was closed. When I tried to handle it, it resisted like a cat initially would when it pushes one away. Of course I was able to hold the bird in my hand, I was intent to figure out what I would encase it in since I didn’t have a cage onhand. I really wanted to keep it as a pet because it was just so cute…

As I was relating the dream to my husband, I told him I didn’t know what kind of bird it was exactly but that it looked like a sparrow to me. Most sparrows I saw from my childhood were grayish in color but when I looked up images on my tablet while I was in bed, I saw a beige sparrow almost like what I saw in the dream down to the color of its beak so I am convinced that it was indeed a sparrow.

That wasn’t the only scenario in the dream. Although I would like to camp on that particularly because yesterday, my husband was talking about a person’s tendency to worry. Jesus told his disciples never to worry beyond the cares of today. It’s hard especially when we are built to have that alarm that if we’re expecting someone at a certain time to come and they don’t, we immediately think something is wrong. I remember my son went out with a friend when he was younger and disappeared for hours without me knowing exactly where he was so I was worried and went to look for him. I could justify that that was a good kind of worry especially when I don’t know the kind of people who just moved into the community.

Then there’s the other worry, the one about something happening that is just beyond our control especially weather related and other cataclysmic events, global economic meltdown and how we’re going to die from a global pandemic etc… Jesus is telling us to stay away from this kind of worry since if we believe in Him, we know nothing happens to us without Him allowing it.

My dream then jumped to me being in a church. I dunno how but I knew the church I went to was somehow false. I had my guitar with me and I left it in there knowing it was going to be safe and went somewhere else. I remember seeing my sister there after the service when I went back inside the church to get my guitar. It seems she knew a few people from there.

My entire family, my mother and three siblings and their families are still under the grip of the largest false religion known to man. Although Catholics claim Christianity, most of them are unaware of the scant Christianity that is diluted into the pool of pure paganism. I won’t expound on this because I prefer to extract the message of hope in the dream about the biblical bird metaphor.

I happen to be the one who seems to be dissociated from how things appear especially when it looks dire as stuff hits the fan around the house and sometimes I wonder why God made me this way. It’s not necessarily bad but I can definitely see how some people would translate that to indifference especially when I truly mean it when I say, “We are in God’s hands.” There’s nothing wrong with believing my fate is in God’s hands. I tried to chart my own course before and it ended in pure misery so I think I did probably learn a lesson from that. My husband tends to be the one who feels there should always be a plan B. But what about for those times when God wants us to just sit back and wait?

Jesus lays it out in Matthew 10:29-31,

“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. 30 And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.”

I suppose the dream was God reminding my family about the topic of conversation we had during dinnertime.

[Image Credit: tropicaltexana at blogspot]

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