Unhappy Meal


What happens when I go out of my way to make freshly cut potato wedges? Nothing but unhappiness. Potato is a dinner staple in this household rather than arroz. I have one picky eater who can’t eat baked potatoes yet, but hopefully when she’s older. This is her dinner; Potato wedges (It’s really not as burnt as the picture shows it but it is definitely browned) with meatballs hopefully under 500 for a 6 year old, but since my husband ended up with most of the taters, she probably had about 350 calories.

It’s true one person’s trash is another person’s treasure (in the stomach that is lol). I dub my husband as the garbage compactor.

Another day in the life of a housewife…
The joys of hit and miss dinners and laborious preparations only to be scarfed down in minutes.

P.S. I think my baked potatoes with leg quarters looks much better than this pic but there’s really not much of a story behind it except for yummy 🙂


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