Her likeness


I haven’t been on track on the update of my latest creation and so here it is. I created the doll’s hair to mirror the hairdo I always give my live doll 🙂

Starting the New Year with an oxblood faux fur neckwarmer which is 1/3 done.

Suis-je content de mon travail? Mais oui! Almost to the point that I am bragging. Okay, I may be bragging but I am doing so in gratefulness that the maker of the Universe, God, has bestowed me with the ability to make something with my hands.

I am glad my daughter likes the things I make for her. For Christmas, I decided to make her the pink faux fur neck warmer and the Chloerina doll.

Lastly, I am glad that the weather here has been permitting for cold weather accessories. Even the cold weather makes me so happy. I am beyond elated that the cold front is hitting us even only for a few days.

I am cringe-ing for tomorrow. It is back to school 😦 and will I feel overwhelmed… but alas, such is life.


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