A Day Away


I scrapped the girl with the Charlie Brown motif dress and decided to go with the ballerina. I call this one Chloerina. She is about 80% done. I just need to stitch in the head, arms and legs. I need 1 more day to finish this. Mind you, I am working on this sans any pattern and designing as I go along.

I had locked myself in the bedroom to work on this project that my daughter sent me a text message on my phone to tell me she loves me. She has not seen me for almost the whole day. Little did she know she was the very reason I didn’t come out. I ruined the element of surprise when I showed my daughter the unfinished doll to explain why her mommy was locked inside the whole time.

It was funny how she had requested me for an amigurumi just yesterday and she had absolutely no clue I was already halfway done with it.

Makes me think how we ask God for something and little do we know, it’s already in the works. Just gotta wait for its appointed time.

“To God be the Glory!”