Unfinished Business

Amigurumi, mon ami(e), is what I am talking about. It’s supposedly the most wonderful time of the year but for me, it’s more like the most whatever time of the year. My husband and I don’t really get presents. Well technically we do but I pick my present from him and he tells me what he wants for a present. It surely takes out the element of surprise but it is guaranteed that each of us get what we like. We do keep the tradition of wrapped presents but it mostly applies to the children. The humdrum of store bought presents (already under the tree) is getting to me and this year, I am deciding to make my daughter an amigurumi surprise. After all, she was my main motivation in learning to make these things (crocheting) in the first place in 2011. Oddly enough, my son was my inspiration to pick up knitting circa 2002. Pretty cool actually. I just realized this.

I pretty much have the thought of finishing this doll with the Charlie Brown color motif but I seriously don’t know whether to finish what I have already started or make a ballerina one. Christmas is 8 days away and I don’t know how I am going to make it under the radar when ma fille practically hangs around me most of the time. It’s kinda cute though.

Whatever it is I decide to do, I’ll be posting an update shortly.

“To God be the Glory!”