Blessing in Disguise

My ordeal started when I ordered something online and I didn’t know the store’s policy on the online order fulfillment so, I went in store, grabbed my item and gave it right to the Guest services and hoped for expedited processing since I was already there. I was told by the guy who worked behind the counter that they can’t really fulfill the order just like you’d purchase it from the store since online orders have different policies. That being said, I said okay. I suppose I can wait for the email notification.

About 10 minutes later in the parking lot, I had gotten the “Order ready for Pick-up” email so I brisk walked to the pick up counter. To my horror, the guy from the counter I had given my item to was talking behind my back about my ignorance of their pick-up policy to his colleague in a mocking tone. He was completely oblivious that I was standing behind him listening as he was mocking me!

He turned around and to his horror, I witnessed him getting pallid at the realization of what just happened. The guy tried to compose himself and I’m sure my facial expression said it all alongside saying I had heard it all. He bagged my stuff and grabbed 2 vouchers to hand to me as his gesture of apology for “being a jerk” in his own words. I said nothing the whole minute my item was prepared which mind you with all the awkwardness felt like eternity, but before I left, made sure to reprimand the guy never to talk about the customers in that way. If you don’t like dealing with people or are whiny about it, trust me… guest services is the last place you should be.

Imagine how upset I was when I got to the car and found out he didn’t put the receipt in the bag. I couldn’t help but leave a review on their website and as a feedback on how to better their service, I wrote my experience in detail. I sure hope they would mandate their customer service team members to refrain from talking about their customers at all in a denigrating manner.

I didn’t understand what was mock-worthy about my not knowing their online pick-up policies. What I can say though is that because of that experience, I was able to get freebies (a festive gold charger plate and a 16-pack of ball ornaments) from the vouchers I got from being the object of mockery.

I am a strong believer that God always turns what seems painful into something beneficial. In this case, it wasn’t substantial, but nevertheless, it is a principle that works not only in the most life-changing circumstances but also in the most trivial of things.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”


Romans 8:28