Oxblood Obsession

Fall is not yet, but obviously, I can’t wait to obsess over oxblood. I have driven a burgundy car for 8 years, owned a burgundy laptop for over 3 years, and yet, it recently just dawned on me that I really do love red! I barely ever wear this hue and I don’t understand why I have shied away from wearing it when it actually is a really beautiful color.

My Philosophy: Fashion is fashion. Whether it’s fast fashion or high fashion, it is an individual’s outward expression- that in itself does not come with a price tag. It doesn’t have to. One can have an impeccable sense of style and it doesn’t have to be reflected by the dangling ubiquitous armcandy of a handbag one is carrying.

I gravitate towards cheap (I consider myself to be practical, yes, but far from being a cheapskate or so I’d like to think), yet decently designed articles or accessories, the kind with the more subdued insignia. I don’t disdain name brand stuff simply because their price tag is out of my reach (after all let’s be honest, most people still tend to spend beyond their means even when clearly broke,) but because I refuse to become that designer’s walking advertisement. I do however disdain the makings of a status symbol. Call me weird.

I still like Zara, BR, J.Crew etc. simply because they tend to come up with clean, minimalist lines when it comes to their design, but I don’t dare limit myself to only like something because of the label. I have seen clothing articles identical with the aforementioned labels (I’ve seen it done on coats, shoes, handbags, blouses, dresses etc.) being recycled in another season showing up on another brand’s inventory or it could have been non-branded inventory slapped on with a more ubiquitous label and I know this to be the case. I dabbled with wholesale merchandise and was sent with 8 identical dresses which came with different labels on them. It has to do with the fashion merchandiser who got ahold of the supplier. Then it gets priced however much the retailer can get away with and sell to those willing to pay the price just because of brand loyalty. Sad really but reality. No offense but just trying to make a point. My apologies if I have offended anyone in the process.

For this very reason, I do not discriminate when it comes to labels. We could be wearing the same exact thing. Only, I chose to pay cheaper 🙂

Dollars & Sense: It is not the designer who makes you. It is YOU who make the designer. After all, they need you to buy their stuff.

“Riches are a ransom for a man’s life, but a poor man hears no threat.”

Proverbs 13:8