When the whole world is experiencing the birth pangs of cataclysm is when I find my attention diverted to nothingness, the high in acquiring things, the blatant media disinformation and saturation of gossip articles about the “Oh so esteemed lives” of celebrities living the life … I mean seriously… Stuff is practically falling off the fan already… and this computer, why does it lead me to the very things that ensnare me? I am not talking about porn but the only downfall most ladies fall prey to, “shopaholism.”

A stanza from a song by Jessa Anderson in which my core resonates with…

And as it turns out, this fickle heart in my chest
Sometimes it beats for everything but what is best
But when I turn down this voice I hear in my head
I give you room to speak and offer life instead
So take all of these idols, all of my idols and lay them to rest
So take all of these idols, all of my idols


“Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways.”

Psalm 119:37