A Dose of Truth

So, I am not a “Yogi” but I happen to buy the “Yogi” branded tea. Bought it for the fact it was the only brand at the local grocery which carried the ginger flavor. These teas happen to have little notes of affirmation or inspiration, the kind that you see in Fortune cookies. I frankly did not like what mine said. It sounded too New Age for my taste so I decided to change things a bit.

The original note said “Live by intuition and consciousness”… Hmmm, this vague statement is a boon for subjective thinking which is quite dangerous. I am not a proponent of relativism, which pretty much falls under the confines of post modernist thought.

I could have thought of a million different verses to replace it but the one that popped in my head is the one you now see in the picture (Proverbs 9:10a). Oh the beauty in absolutes! Anyone can challenge it with subjectivity yet subjectivity cannot strip it of what it truly is.