Rules are There For a Reason

Since I don’t do facebook, I don’t have to conjure something just to make for an interesting profile post. I just have to live my life, be it mundane but something definitely came up today. I went outside by the lake to take pictures and my daughter wanted to keep me company so she decided to walk in the grass where I was until my quest for a creative moment got hampered by her utterance, “Mommy, help… I have poop in my shoes.”

Living in a community where poop bags posts or whatever they call them are at the pet owner’s disposal, it just completely infuriates me how these people don’t care to even pick up after their dogs. All I can really say is that the people who own dogs and don’t bother to clean up are dogs, plain and simple. Uh oh, am I going to get in trouble for voicing this out? I wish these folks would bother to read the signs. It’s placed there for a reason.