Indicators of Genuine Conversion

You know you are saved when

…you have truly asked God to save you from your wretched self. (Your good works cannot get you to heaven. They only count for rewards on judgment day, not gain entrance.)

… you are not ashamed to proclaim the Gospel no matter the cost.

…people say bad things about you because you choose to obey God.

…whatever sinful thing or destructive habit you used to do and enjoy doing now repulses you.

…you start thinking about doing God’s will instead of your own.

…you forgive those who have hurt you without question.

…you used to think bad things about people before and now see people as just people without bad thoughts of any kind attached.

…people label you as “Holier than thou” because your righteous conduct/sanctity condemns them without you saying a word.

…you hunger for God’s truth.

…you can discern duplicity and deception. (The Holy Spirit promises to guide you to all truth. A believer may be deceived for a short while but eventually, the Holy Spirit will lead the believer back to the truth.)