I Must Look To The Sun


Sunflowers happen to be one of my favorite flowers. Even more amazing about this particular plant is that during development, it has mechanisms on the flower head that makes them tilt to follow the sun! Knowing of this very calculated and orchestrated mechanism that sunflowers have just makes me scratch my head when people say everything in nature occurs out of complete randomness and without an intelligent designer. No matter how hard I try to see things their way, logic always leads me to conclude otherwise.

This year, the produce market right across the street of our condo community decided to plant Sunflowers and its undeniable beauty is attracting tourists to take photos of the sunflower patch. I went there with my mother and like the tourists, we started taking pictures.

I’ve lived six years in this neighborhood and this is the first time I’ve seen Shannon’s plant sunflowers so this is definitely worth something to remember.

Like the Sunflower, as believers, we must develop that kind of dependency to always fix our eyes on Jesus Christ, for He is the Light.