Is There Anything Not Made in China?

And today is the day to break the ice from my hiatus.

I rejoiced in the fact that I bought an item which did not say Made in China. I honestly thought P.R.C meant Puerto Rico Commonwealth, lol, I know, I suppose that would make me a retard for wishful thinking that. Out of curiosity, I looked up what country P.R.C was and was completely dismayed that People’s Republic of China escaped my mind and I was like… WHAAAAAAT? Since when has China imprinted those on the products? Maybe awhile now but this was my first encounter.

I suppose China is trying to conceal the fact that the product was made there. For some obvious reasons, when people see a “Made in China” label on a product, it is associated with the stigma of cheapness and far less meeting most people’s standards for quality and durability. “What do you expect? It’s made in China” and “You get what you pay for.”

I think I am beginning to think and sound like my mother now.

I see ABC News is trying to urge people in buying anything Made in America, and I am not quite there yet but I am starting by trying to buy things that are not made in China.

I suppose the chase for a seemingly good deal albeit a short lived and enjoyed only until it lasts product cannot be stripped away from every consumer. We all just want to stretch our dollars. Who can blame anyone? China is just too strategic to capitalize on this and mass producing replicas and products so cheap it is just too hard to resist.

Anyway, yes, there are a lot of things not made in China and I am proud to say I make yarn dolls in which I can proudly say “MADE IN THE USA” although, I am not quite sure if the yarn I use came from China :X

How sad is that?