Recreational Therapy

Today was a fun family day, laid back, and just plain fun. We went to Westfield to get a few items. I have extreme dislike on how malls get uber packed during the weekends but that’s just the way it is and I can live with that. I went to my go to store as usual and they happened to carry stuff I was actually eyeing from the website on that particular location so it was even better. I had to use my store credit from yesterday ASAP since I didn’t bother to ask the cashier when the redeem by date was and the last thing I want is for it to expire on me. You can hear an overtone of my frugal nature here. At this day and age, penny pinching may actually be a good thing.

On our way home, we dropped by the park to play some badminton for a good hour. We really only intended to play for 20 minutes since it was getting late, around 6 PM and it was cloudy so it seemed much darker than usual but the weather was just so perfect to play, mid 70’s, sans the sun, bright enough but not too bright and it wasn’t too windy either, just perfect. My husband and I both found out we are truly out of shape because halfway of play, we found ourselves panting and working up a sweat just moving moderately hitting the shuttlecock back and forth but we stuck it out to a full hour and we resolved to play badminton more often when the weather permits. It gets brutally hot during the day and when it isn’t hot, it’s just too windy or actually raining.

We decided to skip dinner (even better for me since I didn’t have to cook! Lol) because I bought a variety of junk food for the family to enjoy. I know, it sounds bad but rest assured, we don’t eat chips all the time. I had barbecue flavored Chicharones (pork skins YUM!) , Funyuns for Seth, Cheetos Puffs for Chloe and Doritos Nachos for Alex. Believe it or not, all that junk actually filled us up we completely had no appetite for dinner anymore. This was all before we played badminton and yes, maybe our being out of shape can be attributed to eating the junk food (chips and soda prior to playing), although me and my husband still had our usual Demitasse with a Hershey’s Cookies and Creme bar when we got home.

It’s days like this that makes me so grateful to God that he has given me a family. It’s really the simple things in life that are truly priceless and we only have a small window of time to make these memories. Shop with your family, eat junk food together, go for an aimless drive, play sports… I can only hope that these trivial family time gets ingrained in my children’s memory as happy times. Before we know it, the kids would want to do their own thing rather than do stuff with the whole family.