Worldly Legacy or Eternity?


Which one would you pick? This is quite a tough one granted that worldly legacy is what most mortals think is the pinnacle of one’s existence. Steve Jobs has passed away and his Apple legacy will always remain. My first computer was a Mac circa 1994 and although I wasn’t too concerned about the guy behind the gadget, I benefited from his genius.

I could only hope that the man somehow thought about where he would spend eternity. See, the thing is, Steve Jobs had brains (this would seem like an understatement), fame and fortune but sad to say, his lifespan is cut off much shorter than a mortal would hope to have lived. This life is just so temporal and so easily ended. We don’t really know how long we would live in this corruptible body so why wouldn’t we rather invest in an incorruptible one?

The sad thing is, since the incorruptible body is intangible, most people don’t bother to believe that truly, there is life after this transient existence. People want to see things to believe but what most people fail to see is that some things unseen remain to exist and their unbelief does not detract from the fact that it truly is.

I always have enjoyed conversations of religious nature as some would rather prefer to say philosophical. Are you an atheist? Are you a disillusioned believer of something higher than yourself? If you are one or both, know that your very existence depends upon a sovereign God who exists even without your acknowledgment. If you claim that you are the God within yourself, then why in the world do you still experience things that are beyond your control? Didn’t you just say you were God?

Most of the intellectuals who claim to know all and are arrogant to say that God is a delusion with the likes of Richard Dawkins is just too blind to see that the assertion of such things just makes for an ungrateful fool who credits the majesty of everything around us to mere chance and not of Divine Design.

Anyway, it appears I have deviated from my main question… Would you choose worldly legacy or eternity? There is no wrong answer, but then you can choose both. You could do great things (which some people might not consider as great, but so what?) and yet also choose eternity by living your life surrendered to God’s will.

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