Fabulous Finds at Forever 21

Should I say I wish I were Forever 31? LOL. I’ll be hitting 32 in 16 days if God permits. I’m not ashamed to say I still shop at Forever 21 but I am quite selective with the pieces I get from there. What I like about that store is that some of their pieces have a vintage/retro feel with a contemporary twist and the affordability of their items can’t be beat. I have bought some items there which sad to say the quality matched the price. Yeah, it’s true we always get what we pay for but it’s not too big of a deal if we’re talking about crew neck tees made with soft jersey that just doesn’t stand the test of time and they end up as housewear instead.

Now, about the frugalicious finds… I was in the market for a brown coat but found a Camel colored coat instead. This would be my second one in this color although the styles are completely different. The other one I have is a swing coat while the new find is quite tailored and form fitting.

Camel Coat

Why am I such a sucker for vintage feel pieces? I really would love to know.

And who doesn’t want to have a cardigan in every color? So far, I’ve got heather gray, mustard, plum, brown, and black. Who wouldn’t want to have royal blue?

Anyway, I love Forever 21 more than J.Crew, and so what? To me, it’s really not about the price of the clothing that makes it look like a million bucks when worn. It’s color coordinating, accessorizing and making sure everything on the outfit goes well together and most importantly, it’s the person in it using the clothes to express themselves. After all, no one really walks up to you and asks, how much is that thing you’re wearing?