Aaaaah, Autumn is Here

I came out this morning feeling the Autumn breeze. It is finally okay for me to be wearing coats now, yay! I know, it’s crazy but I am crazy for coats!

So, here are a few things I plan on doing this Autumn.

1) Knit a hat or a scarf (My birthday is right around the corner so I’ll make this a present to myself.)

2) Make a ponte knit dress

3) Organize my closet (Uggh, I truly dread doing this)

4) Read the entire Old Testament (Maybe)

So far, this is all I could think of. I mean, four is not so bad right? Considering that 3 out of four on this list is really time consuming.

The items on the list is not in order, but I see myself leaning towards getting some knitting done.