Tibi, My New Inspiration

I am seriously beginning to assess my taste in clothing. I don’t know why I gravitate towards things I cannot afford. I haven’t bought them or anything but I use them as inspiration for my sewing projects. I know it’s bad but I have not completed my projected summer projects for myself but I have sewn other spur of the moment projects like a tunic top and 3 leggings for Chloe.

Anyway, back to Tibi and Trina Turk. I am very much inspired by their “About” page, a short summary of how they pursued their love for fashion and art and the conception of their company. I can honestly say I am a would-be frustrated fashion designer. I went to school for it but certain circumstances got in  the way. I have regrets dropping out but I know now that it was for the best. I thank God for Divine Intervention I didn’t force my way which would have gotten me in so much trouble student loan wise. I mean, I can’t imagine owing 5K let alone over 50K.

It sounds like dashed hopes right? Maybe, but I am not hampered by financial constraints when it comes to dress construction since I am actually making them, mainly for myself and Chloe. I cannot explain the desire of making clothes and my problem of wanting to redesign RTW to my personal preference. I wish I had a personal tailor who catered to my every whim. I am trying to become that but I have so much to learn when it comes to sewing.

Rather than going on and on about my hopes, fancies, pursuits and failures (sigh), I want to share which items/ensemble caught my eye today.


I love the pairing of a bold and muted color, the flowy pants, simplicity and everything about this.


Aside from my penchant for camel, this is just a classic cut which never goes out of style. Trends come and go but going back to 60’s fashion is inevitable. I don’t know why fashion had to evolve or should I say de-volve. The fashion clock should have stopped in the 60’s, with the exception of psychedelic prints (Tie dye and flower power) but I am not against geometric prints especially if it’s done right.

I will probably construct and replicate these with my own twist of course, and when I do, I’ll post my projects here. Toodles for now.