Missoni Frenzy

I say, what’s all the frenzy with Missoni for Target? I had to find out for myself so after all the commotion died down, I checked out the product line up at Target’s website. I’m am not much of a label freak, and I’m not too fond of loud prints let alone the zigzag but there was something that caught my eye and it was the Missoni ballet flats for kids. I looked at the adult version but I did not like the color scheme of fuchsia. However, the kid’s ballet flats was made with some of my favorite colors like muted mauve pink and brown so like a moth to a flame, I was drawn to it.

Missoni ballet flats

It looks too loud and eccentric unworn but with a pair of jeans, it doesn’t look too bad at all. Even my husband said something nice about it which is quite surprising to me.

It was sold out online but I paid a visit to a local Target store with the hopes that the limited stock indicator on the website meant that somehow, they still carried a few on location. I lucked out because there was only one pair left in the kid’s size 4 which is equivalent to a woman’s size 6 which I happen to be. I tried it on and I fell in love with it. I know. It’s pretty unorthodox for me to even consider the shoes but it just looked really cute (in my opinion) with jeans. Anyway, I am glad I wasn’t born with big feet. I like the idea of being able to shop for shoes that fit my feet at the kid’s section with kid pricing. I know it sounds ridiculous but who doesn’t like saving?

I suppose I can plan out an outfit that can be worn with this particular pair due to its eccentric design and I pretty much have an idea what I’d wear it with although I am planning on constructing a plain brown hooded swing dress to wear with it.