Forward to Retrogressive Fashion

My 3 favorite seasons are Spring, Autumn and Winter. My most favorite season is Autumn. I like when the leaves turn orange and shades of neutrals. Being in Florida, it stays almost Summer all year long and that kinda sucks for me but where we are, we actually have cold winter mornings. I thank God for that. I really can’t wait to wear coats. I like the idea of being able to cover my excess fat with it without trying too hard. Sadly, that won’t be till a few months from now. We are still in the cusp of Summer and I find myself looking forward to cold weather. I really wish to move to a colder climate.

I like how this is presented although I wouldn’t consider wearing those flats, carrying the bedazzled bag and the red spectacles. I think they’re a bit too eccentric for my taste. I like a little edge with the ensemble just like above just to look at it, but to actually wear it is a completely different story, and to make it plainly, It’s a resounding NO! I own the sweater and I’d most certainly pair it with leggings or skinny jeans and a pair of boots or flats, only less colorful than the one shown, more analogous to the sweater.

I think the look gives an 80’s vibe, especially the shoulder scarf and the loud-ish star design. I wish I could be time warped to the 80’s although I wouldn’t really wear much of 80’s ensembles. Remember the poofy hair, Madonna tutus, bedazzled jean jackets and neon skintight skirts and spandex pants. I’d like to go back in time just for the music (Spandau Ballet, Michael Jackson, The Bangles, Lol) and to live a life sans the cares of adulthood. If only Quantum Leaping were actually possible. 😛