Haunted By A Lesson Not Learned

I just acquired one of the dresses on my wishlist. It was actually quite an ordeal for me to get it. When I ordered it, I was sent the wrong item. I had to go through the hassle of having to return it and was determined to give it up already until the store decided to send me the original item I ordered with a free accessory incentive if I opted not to get a refund instead. Who isn’t a sucker for free stuff? I went for it. I liked the free gift but I am having mixed feelings about the item I bought which I thought I really wanted.

I chose the free accessory they entitled me to. This thing on their site is supposed to be a necklace but I really can’t expect myself to have this thing hang on my neck. I needed a new keychain anyway so I’ll be using it for that purpose. I messed up my old one by yanking it out from my car’s trunk when I got it stuck there and I never got around to getting a replacement so it all works out.

The dress is really not that bad. It can be seen on one of my previous posts entitled “Eyeing a Bohemian inspired dress.” I still like the color scheme regardless but it looks too frumpy on me. Honestly, I think I looked like I was wearing a potato sack maybe because it is a one size fits all and not really as fit and tailored to my original size. I will be keeping the dress but I probably will have to tailor it to fit me better. It sounds like I am all regrets or maybe I’m just in denial. I dunno. I just truly need to make a resolution to stop caving in to impulse buying.

How many times have we wanted something so badly mainly out of impulse or just plainly because of lust of the eyes? I can’t count how many times I bought something I thought I wanted and when it came right through the door, the desire for it has completely died down or something is absolutely wrong with it etc. Returning it is simply out of the question since it would be the second time pertaining to this single order and I just don’t want to deal with that anymore. I am yet to learn not to completely succumb to my downfall. The end result almost ends up being the same. When am I ever going to learn? Kyrie, eleison on me.