Today’s Objects of My Affection

I took a week long hiatus from blogging. A lot of things happened and they’re mostly strictly confidential in nature so I will spare all the details. Instead, I am sharing a couple of dresses which caught my eye today. I got an email from one of the online stores I frequently visit and although I am financially strapped, I decided to take a look anyway. I suppose I will have a lot of selling to do on eBay to be able to afford some wardrobe additions.

Camel Pleated dress

I know neutrals are kinda drab for some people but I can’t help but love it. I am also biased towards pleats and A-line dresses so needless to say, this caught my attention.

Yes, I know, another muted color but I could care less what you say. I like it. I have the inclination for mumu-esque A-line and it’s mainly because it camouflages my mommy tummy and is quite forgiving. I was drawn to the lace which makes me realize that I have a sudden affinity for all things dainty. It’s unusually stronger than before and I suppose it is because I am aging. I’ll be hitting 32 in a few months. Wow. I had to think about my age and if I tell you the wrong figure, it’s because I am not keeping track of it, not that I’m ashamed of it, lol, because in reality, I’m not. Most people think I’m still in my 20’s surprisingly. 🙂

The dresses look short but these models are 5’10-5’11. The camel dress could probably pass for a tunic worn with skinny jeans but in my estimation, I think the length would be tailored to my petite frame and would be just about the right length for my height.