My Love Affair With Walmart

I went grocery shopping at Walmart for dinner and what was meant to be a 15 minute errand lasted for an hour. I don’t know why the store particularly had long lines today when tax free shopping is not until 3 days from now. I am hoping the absence of cashiers doesn’t signify downsizing. It is quite vexing to hear of more people losing their jobs. I doubt it’s that since the cashier who rang us up happens to be newly hired hence the slow line.

I’ve read horror stories about Walmart’s wasteful practices of slashing perfectly usable clothing inventories and throwing them in the trash when it could be given to the needy and the less fortunate, yet company policies make it mandatory for them to rather discard than donate to charitable causes in fear of being held accountable if the so called inventory was defective and such. I mean really, who would think about suing Walmart if they ended up donating the clothes somewhere foreign, to countries somewhere in South America who clearly could use it?

And, not to mention the lawsuit for gender discrimination when it came to employee promotions. I have actually worked as a seasonal temp quite a while back, in the early 2000’s and I have not experienced any social injustice firsthand since I had such a short tenure there.


I disdain the injustice and the wasteful practice of discarding non-defective out-of-season merchandise and for that, I would really love to voice out the wrong and boycott having to go to Walmart but sadly, that is one thing I find very hard to do. This establishment carries the best deals in grocery and almost everything I could think of, although I can honestly say I rarely ever buy clothes there for myself but only for the kids. I am impressed with the quality of their children’s apparel which cost way less and made more durable than what we find at the Gap.

In a couple of days, I will have to go back there again for back to school shopping. I suppose the only thing that would really stop me from shopping at Walmart is if my family moved to a location where there isn’t one.