When The Rain Just Doesn’t Stop

Our plans on visiting the local Barnes & Nobles has been hampered by an all day torrential downpour. Surely there’s an umbrella but who likes to get soaked in heavy rain? It’s been days now where I consider it to be more of a plague rather than a blessing. I really hope it will be a lot different tomorrow. I am getting kind of sick staying home all day. I feel the need to be out just for the sake of being out.

Chloe looking out the window as she announced “Mommy, it’s raining!”

I suppose this weather will afford me the opportunity to get started working on the trapeze dress. I have run out of excuses in putting off its completion except that really, I have been preoccupied with more important “family” things.

I am about to watch the movie called Mars needs Moms (yes, my husband is a movieholic and he rented this) with my entire family so this would be a very brief entry.

Happy Tuesday!