My Cerebral Junkyard is Shot

Went to Sam’s Club today with the whole family. My husband usually stays in the car to wait but for some reason, he decided to come inside with me today. I don’t usually try the food samples they have but I am such a carnivore and I passed through the rib eye samples and they just smelled soooo good. I hope the sample server wasn’t sick with something because I am feeling suddenly feverish today and I haven’t gone anywhere else other than Sam’s and Joann’s for which I hardly ever had contact with anyone except for the cashier.

Apart from being feverish, I am pretty much brain dead today and this entry would be mainly about pointless jibba jabber. In the mean time, I suppose I can enumerate a few items on my wish list. I really can’t think straight today and believe me when I say coming up with the items is even quite an ordeal. I hate when I get like this. I think I am going to sleep early tonight. I need to recharge myself for tomorrow’s gig at church.

Aside from faith in God, family, food and basics for which I am grateful to God for what He has already given me, below are a few things I wouldn’t mind having.

1.) Dslr camera – Any kind would do. I have a bridge camera, it does what I need it to but I would really love to further my photography interest with better equipment rather than manipulating the effects painstakingly via photoshop. I have worked with PS for as long as I can remember and it’s not that bad but it does take time to apply effects to look as less doctored as possible such as bokeh etc.

2.) Camel colored skirt – Flippy, pleated, pencil, A line or gored, doesn’t matter. I like neutrals and with Autumn looming in the corner, I am taking that into consideration.

3.) I can’t think of anything else but 2 for now. I’m sure there’s more but it will have to be written when my mind regains its capacity to think.

Happy Saturday!