Fast Food Fridays

I know I mentioned we have vowed to completely stop eating out but the pull of fast food is just too strong. This would make it our second visit this week alone. The big arch beckons with open arms with its artery clogging offerings that none of my family members could resist except for Seti who opted for Taco Bell’s Beefy 5 layer burritos, which really is not that different in regards to calorie count.

For a family of 4, we managed to have our fill for 10 bucks which would amount to only about $2.50 per person. I think it’s still a good deal although I could make a good meal for half that which would consist of baked whole chicken, done by me of course, some rice and fried plantains on the side.

We have made it a household habit to at least have one day of the week for me not to do the cooking. It has its perks and also a downside. I like the fact of not being in the kitchen, yet I hate the fact that every time I eat fast food, when I step on the scale the next morning, I would gain at least a pound or 2 from the excess fat content of the food or water retention from all the sodium it contains. Why is bad food so good?

My family wants to eat healthy but the lure of cheap fast food and convenience make it such a struggle. Even though McDonald’s try to introduce “healthier” meal choices, hardly anyone goes there for that. We go there for the cheap fat-dripping juicy and meaty burgers and the fries. I haven’t known anyone yet to actually go there to buy something “healthy.” Whoever came up with the idea of McDouble  for a buck is truly a genius and that I believe is one of the most bought item in their menu aside from the fries.

America definitely needs to raise franchises that carry health conscious food at affordable prices. I think that is an idea that more restauranteurs should capitalize on. I am quite sure I would want to frequent at healthy food restaurants if the food didn’t cost so much. It would also be a great idea if it were a place removed from all the junk food we all come to know and love without the word “salad” on the franchise name. For some reason, that word instantly makes me think “food deprivation” instead of healthy. (LOL. I know it’s pretty sad) There are rich salads out there with delicious dressings such as blue cheese and ranch and topped with plenty of meat but that really just defeats the purpose and equals to none other than indulgence.