Remembering the Lalaloopsy Craze

I’m not the only mother crazy for Lalaloopsies. As a matter of fact, compared to some, my obsession to these dolls is only a mild one. I didn’t succumb to buying my daughter and for myself the large Lalaloopsy dolls. Collecting them is far out of reach for my budget. I’m glad though that they do have the 3-inch miniature versions which are affordable and in my opinion much safer to keep around since the regular size dolls are literally made out of hard plastic and kinda weighty. If my daughter decides to wack my son for any reason, it would totally hurt. These Lalaloopsies come in different colors and since they came out, it’s been hard to keep up with them. These dolls used to be the “IT” items for Christmas last year. I can only imagine the new releases of these would be definitely in the hard to find toys for this year.

On the forefront is Pillow Featherbed. She’s the only doll we have in the large version since I thought at the time that she was the cutest. She comes with a pet sheep which is now missing in action.

Here is Chloe with big Pillow Featherbed which I consider to be a weapon instead of a toy. Lol. It’s interesting they made it out of plastic but it would have been much safer for kids if they were plushy instead.

Here’s another one. We only have 5 of series 1 so far and I am waiting for the new series 2 miniatures to be readily available at retail stores since they’re mostly sold out. Buying them off of eBay would be a total ripoff. People jack up the price beyond what these are worth and really, I’m not that obsessed to toss my practical sense out of the window in pursuit of these although I did buy a dollhouse which fits the dolls.

I let her play with the set but only once in a while since I have to keep an eye on her constantly as she’s playing with choking hazards such as the miniature pets. She doesn’t have the concept of taking good care of these things yet and I don’t want her to lose small parts so it’s mostly stored away. I think I enjoy playing with these much more than Chloe does. I am not ashamed to admit that I am a sucker for cutesy stuff and that I am still a kid trapped in a mommy body. 😛