Mod Love

I wasn’t born in the 60’s but in the cusp of the 70’s, yet I always find myself drawn to 60’s fashion. In my opinion, mod fashion exudes class with clean cut lines and I find myself already planning another project when I still haven’t started on the first 2. Ughh. I hate when I get like this, really. Anyway, I saw this cute retro print dress and it looks to me like it is made out of a woven fabric but my version would be made out of rayon jersey knit.

This is the inspiration. I like the A-line and the neckline. I also happen to like green! I remember the days when I was so obsessed with chartreuse. I was wearing a retro full round skirt and matching shoes with a black top when I first went to church with my husband. He wasn’t a fan of my green shoes and told me never to wear the “Leprechaun” shoes ever again, when I’m with him anyway. It really wasn’t as ugly as he thought they were. As a matter of fact, they were mod inspired. I outgrew my love for the shoes and ended up giving them away.

This is the fabric I am going to make a similar dress with. This is the closest retro print I could find and from the looks of it also has similar colors to the one on top.

I have been preoccupied with other things I haven’t started on sewing since my time has been spent on brainstorming with my husband about ideas and just enjoying being with my family. I am making it a goal to complete at least one within this week and most definitely before summer is over.