A Call Towards Uncharted Waters

My family and I are embarking on a journey. We are in a situation that determines the measure of our faith. Instead of worrying, I can’t explain why but I am excited with the anticipation of seeing God’s hand work miracles. Our church has a program called RS7 and more than anything, I dream of participating in that ministry. I don’t know exactly what I would do to partake in that but both my husband and I have a desire to go into some sort of ministry.

Rewind 2006

When I was just getting to know my husband, I had gotten a quick thought, the type that seems like a switch is being turned on in one’s brain, I know you get the picture and it went exactly like this, “You’re gonna marry that guy.” Of course knowing that I was just getting to know the guy, I brushed off the notion and thought back “Yeah right, like that’s really going to happen.” I still get weirded out when I think about it but I truly believe it was a foresight given to me by the Holy Spirit. I was in NY at the time and he was in Miami. We were introduced by a mutual friend who’s Christian.  As things progressed between my connaissance with my now husband, he asked me to move from NY to Miami to live and be with him. I don’t know why but it just felt right. I got opposition from my mother and I remember a heated discussion I had with her and me having to speak the words in retort that I would follow the Lord’s will for my life. I had been advised by family members and friends that moving to Miami was a big mistake. In my heart, it was faith beckoning me. I was fully convinced that that was part of God’s will for my life and I went for it. Had I remained in NY, I would have missed out on my husband and Chloe. I reasoned that it was God’s will because moving to Miami was against my flesh. Years prior, I had sworn to myself I would never go to 3 states which included Florida, along with California and Nevada. Don’t ask me why. I already knew that moving to FL was against what I wanted, that it had to be God’s will. It is the nature of things that the flesh is usually against God’s will at first until it deliberately chooses to yield. I acted out on faith, went for it and reaped the harvest.

I have gotten another thought in my head almost a couple of years ago, in the same manner as the one I have gotten about the man I was to marry but this was about something else, about what I would become, and to become that would be completely far from what I have envisioned for myself. I too have brushed the thought as impossible yet it always lurks in my brain. I question whether it will come to pass. It’s not that I don’t have any faith in it. I really need to seek the Lord with all my heart and see if the thought comes to fruition. I reason that my circumstances now is leading me more and more to the possibility of the thought. I don’t know. If the thought comes to pass, you can bet your dollar that I will shout it on the rooftops.