No Kids Allowed… What’s Next?

Today’s entry is just a reaction to an article I read this morning entitled “The no-kids-allowed movement is spreading” pertaining to the ban of children under 6 in some public establishments. Redefining what is acceptable to society is a growing trend. We can only expect it to get worse. I can’t help but notice that our society is attacking the foundations of family, first to the definition of marriage and now, this. As a parent, I can’t stand my own daughter having temper tantrums in public and as she grows older, it has become more of an obscure occurrence.

Just because a child decides to have an unsuspected tantrum does not mean the parent failed to instill manners on a child. Toddlers normally lack the concept of tact. My main concern is when the time comes that even doing things as trivial as going to the supermarket would be an ordeal, that I would to have to look for someone to babysit for me. I hope this insanity only just catches wave in the confines of upscale establishments and not grocery stores.

I just hope people will realize the changes in our society… While tolerance for immorality is promoted, the presence of children is disdained. What’s next?