My Very First Project On A Serger

My serger came in today. I lacked the desire to open it at first due to certain circumstances. Anyway, I fought it and got the courage to open the box. My initial feeling was complete intimidation. I have never used a serger in my life! I have seen youtube vids showcasing the specs and capabilities of the machine I just got and the lady made it look so easy. I gotta say that when I took the machine out of the box, I was truly overcome with intimidation and helplessness it was expressed verbally even my husband could hear it. “I can’t do this. This looks totally complicated, etc.” I came to grips and if I truly wanted to complete my project, I was going to have to put an end to all the negative thoughts. Before I could use it, I had to take out all of the standard threading it came with and I have read such horror stories on how long it took for beginners to thread a serger and I am proud to say it took me about less than 10 minutes. The step by step color coded instruction embedded on the machine more than sufficed for me to rethread the machine with ease.

I had a box full of various fabrics in the bathroom closet sitting around for projects and what better time to use some than today. I took a pillowcase and used it as my pattern for an “oh so simple” trial run on the machine. I turned the wheel slowly and I finished my pillowcase in such a short time I simply couldn’t believe it.

My very first serger.

She is very fond of her pillow she drags it wherever she goes around the house. I decided to make her a new pillowcase. She was quite happy with it.

The serger finished edges all throughout the sewn area of the pillowcase.

It makes me think how much I have been missing out. My first run was truly amazing and I am so excited to find out what this baby can do. I’m feeling completely elated right now. I have finished a spur of the moment project and I accomplished at least one small thing for today.