My Temperamental Sewing Machine

I am getting ready to execute my Summer projects (trapeze dress and peplum blouse) but I am getting a bit frustrated with my sewing machine. I spent the morning testing my machine on scraps with double needle sewing, single needle straight stitches, zigzag stitches and I have gotten nothing but very inconsistent stitching with loopy threads signifying tension problems. I have adjusted the tension dial to tighten and loosen the upper thread but it didn’t seem to ameliorate the problem. I even reread the entire manual which consisted about 60 pages.

I have sewn projects with this machine to completion but my experience today has reminded me why I haven’t been sewing in a long time. This actually worries me because I don’t want to start my sewing projects and put my fabrics to complete waste when I would have to keep redoing the stitches for a cleaner seam finish only to ruin it. I am getting desperate for a serger but that will have to be in the back burner until I find a great deal. I did find a seemingly great deal on Craigslist but the person who listed it wrote me once and didn’t bother to write me back when I arranged to pick it up so my hopes on closing in on the deal were totally shot. I will just have to adhere to the saying “Good things come to those who wait.”


I had this machine since 2004 and it has worked fine on fixing loose hems but my sewing needs have increased since then. Even if I did get the serger, I would still need this machine for straight stitches and topstitching. I read the reviews for this on Amazon and found one solution I have not tried. I am not totally giving up on my machine yet. When I find the last solution does not work (which I am hoping that it will), only then will I consider a replacement. I need a serger and now I’m facing the possibility of having to replace this? Good grief. Maybe I’m better off with RTW’s? But I really can’t stick to this mentality. I got projects and clothes to remodel.