Happy Meals

My two children and myself sadly, have all succumbed to the lure of Mcdonald’s strategic Happy Meal deal. I believe they started with the promotion of $1.99 Happy Meal deals every Tuesdays and Thursdays about close to 2 years ago? Not too sure. I must admit I think it is a great deal to get an entire meal for $1.99 and a toy to boot. The only problem I have is, I got a boy and a girl who both want to collect the toys McD’s currently offering. Chloe loves Strawberry Shortcake and sadly, I myself am a sucker for cutesy stuff. I remember the Pucca and Lalaloopsy craze.

As for Seth, I have been successful in collecting for him the entire set of Penguins of Madagascar and Star Wars the Clone wars which are now being tossed around and misplaced. I don’t even know if I will bother collecting for Seth the new giveaways since I already know the end result. He has plainly outgrown the Happy Meal toys. The good thing about this is that I’ve actually amassed unopened toys and McDonald’s actually allows the children to trade them in for different toys since when they run out of variety, they end up giving you the same toy like 3 times (for 3 different meals). So… I don’t have to buy a Happy Meal to acquire the new toys to collect, I just simply give them the old ones for the new.

So far, we have four. 2 more to go

Tomorrow is thursday… another Happy Meal day. Contemplating to go with the kids but maybe we’ll just play Happy Meal day by me cooking fries and chicken nuggets at home instead.