Eyeing A Bohemian Inspired Dress

I honestly hate when I get like this. I think it’s what we call “modern day covetousness”? Maybe not. I don’t have a problem admitting to my flaws granted that I myself am aware of it. I dunno if it’s just me but I think the story is somewhat different when you want an item you see for sale on a model who is paid to make the item look good so you’d want to buy it compared to coveting from someone you personally know. I lean towards the former. If I’m wrong in this mentality, let me know. I probably have to auction off some old clothes in my closet so I can get new ones. Why can’t I just be content with what I already have? Anyway, just wanted to share the Bohemian inspired dress that recently caught my eye.


Here it is. I like the Hippie vibe this dress oozes but what I like the most is the color palette. I’m a sucker for neutrals.


A closer detail


Mauve, taupe, brown and beige… a hodgepodge of my color faves


A cute moderate bubble sleeve + lightweight chiffon construction perfect for Summer

Contentment is elusive to the majority of people who live in a country where consumerism is prevalent. Alrighty, enough over this. I need to prep the chicken for dinner. Short and simple. Peace out!